Keeping in good shape and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to every woman out there as it can help increase life spans in one way or the other. Women especially, need to stay fit as 90% of them put on much more weight the more they become older, this will give you some tips on why women’s fitness is very important as you grow older

Why worry so much about your physical shape/ stature? It can only take some few minutes of your time per day to do some certain exercises or stay on a diet which will be of great help to the body.


It will be advisable to take a walk or go jogging a few times a week, exercise is important for being fit and healthy. Cardiovascular fitness helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and stretching helps to keep muscles in good condition and improves flexibility. Good full body exercise also improves circulation by maintaining good body posture and awareness, regularly watch what you eat as it helps a lot in staying fit and plain water which is still the best and healthiest drink for maintaining a healthy body is a good choice too.

You have been wondering what has been going wrong with your body or just feeling weak all the time? That is just what the absence of fitness can cause to your health condition as stated – Heart disease and poor blood circulation • Weak bones • Deficient respiratory tract • Anxiety and depression, • Cancer and fragile immune system, • Obesity, and water retention, • Lack of energy and • Hormone imbalance.

Maintaining a healthy body and keeping yourself in good shape as been one of the very best things a woman can do. Women’s fitness is essential as it keeps the whole body active and strong in a specific way.